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Dec 27, 2017

Disney fans rejoice! Christmas is over which means that New Years Eve is right around the corner. Watch as we discuss the New Years Eve happenings at Walt Disney World and The Disneyland Resort.

Dec 20, 2017

Disney fans rejoice! It's been another great season of Dizney Coast to Coast but alas the season four finale is upon us. Watch as we take a look back at the Disney content we were looking most forward to in 2017 as well as the latest news including Pixar Pier's Incredicoaster, the FOX acquisitions and park updates...

Dec 13, 2017

Disney fans rejoice! It's currently in the rumor mill (and sounding like it'll happen) that Disney is looking to purchase pieces of 21st Century FOX including the 20th Century FOX movie and TV studios. We discuss what this could mean for the future of Disney including the pros and the cons. That and so much more on this...

Dec 6, 2017

Disney fans rejoice! This week we have Bill Farmer with us who has been performing Goofy's voice for the past thirty years. We talk about his beginnings as a stand-up comic as well as an impersonator and how an audition in L.A. changed his life when he won the role of Goofy. We also discuss The Disney Legend Awards,...

Nov 29, 2017

Disney fans rejoice! Come along as we take a look at the holiday festivities at The Disneyland Resort. You'll even get some Armchair Imagineering from us as we discuss what we would like to see in a new Christmas parade at Disneyland. Plus, Jeff shares his thoughts on the latest Disney/Pixar movie Coco. That and so much...